A port of the classic Apple ][ game Apple Trek
retroTrek was developed by Paleo-Tech Concepts and is available on the APP Store.  For more information or support, please EMAIL.
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retroTrek invades the iOS universe!  Experience or re-experience the origin of strategic space combat games on your iOS device!

First developed in the early 1970s for play on main-frame computers, this game was quickly adapted to many computers of the day eventually being coded in integer basic by Dr. Wendell Sander in 1978 who later became "The Father" of the Apple ///.  It was then included in sample programs bundled with the Apple ][ and Apple ][+ of the day.

Taken from the original "Apple Tapes" instruction manual:

"The Free Galactic Federation has been invaded by battle cruisers of the

Klarnon Empire. Several Federation star-systems are under attack. As

an experienced officer, you have just been given command of the starship

Endeavor. Your three-year mission, should you choose to accept it, is

to search the Galaxy and destroy all Klarnon battle cruisers. If you

succeed, the federation will survive. If not, •••••••"

retroTrek was developed to adhere as closely to the original integer basic code  as possible.  Commands are executing with button presses numbered from "0" to "9" and responding to prompts as in the original.  You pilot the Endevour in a universe that is made up of quadrants in a 8x8 grid.  Each quadrant is further broken down to 8x8 sectors.  Sectors can contain stars, bases, and your enemy, the Klarnons.  Manage your ship's resources, navigation, shields, and weapons while attempting to eliminate the Klarnon threat.

Gameplay Hint: If you read the original manual which is linked on, you will find the game is quite deep in execution. Use the computer to lock photon torpedoes and course when entering a battle. After this is done and you choose to fire photons, the game will ask if you wish to use "Auto" fire mode. Choose this and you will fire and move at the same time, foiling the Klarnon's attempts to hit you with their photon torpedoes.

Note: Version 2.0.0 has been submitted to the App store and is awaiting approval.  New version fixes iOS 7 compatibility and adds two new "modern" skins.  Will be out before end of October '13!